Tools for Schools is a program setup by Minty Digital to provide education and computing equipment for Maher, a shelter which provides support for destitute women, children and men from all over India.

Our mission is to help educate the people of Maher with Digital Skills to help them work remotely, whilst also providing tools such as computers and internet connections to help them carry out their work from day to day.

Our initial goal is to raise £10,000 to setup computer rooms across their homes in India, and we will be running a number of fundraising events to help achieve this goal.

Who are we choosing to help?

The shelter in India supports destitute adults and children, as well as orphans, the mentally unwell, sexual abuse victims, abandoned babies, the elderly, the mutilated, and domestic abuse victims. In essence, this charity and their shelter are providing support to a wide range of suffering individuals who need our support, regardless of their caste or belief system.

How does it work?

Here is how our efforts will work.

  1. We will begin by organising regular fundraising events to collect funds for the charity.
  2. We will work with supportive partners to procure discounted and even free equipment, such as computers, and to deliver them to the charity in India. 
  3. We will provide them with the internet and training on how to use computers and develop employable skills.

Here is where the money will go

  1. Teach children English writing skills
  2. Providing internet connections
  3. Providing computer systems and technology
  4. Tools and training for Digital Marketing

A look inside the homes