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The OnlyFans controversy: fear of cancel culture or a PR Stunt?

A few weeks ago, the internet watched in awe as OnlyFans, the popular subscription-based content platform known for its large collection of adult content, went from banning sexually explicit photos and videos to reinstating them within a number of days.  The initial ban - which stirred up feelings of confusion, instability, and discrimination for sex

5 Digital Marketing Updates You Need to Know: May 2021

Marketing News May 2021

Where are future digital advertising campaigns headed? The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recently interviewed more than 20 industry leaders across the advertising-supported internet ecosystem and published all their findings in this very insightful report. The document covers interesting findings about digital commerce, including:  New digital consumers behaviour Capturing new consumer purchasing paths Defining what

If you can’t beat them, join them! Taking advantage of Amazon’s affiliate commission rate reductions as an SEO

Back in April 2020, Amazon announced that commission rates for members of its affiliate program were getting cut, with product categories such as Home Improvement and Beauty seeing a substantial drop from 8% to 3% and 6% to 3% respectively (more on this in this CNBC article) As expected, this caused outrage among online publishers

Active Campaign: Why it should form part of your automated marketing strategy.

There’s a lot of talk around marketing automation these days, and it’s hard to deny its importance in the modern day marketing world. What once were repetitive, mundane jobs, now take just a few clicks, and if done right, the results can be impressive. What is marketing automation? Marketing automation, put simply, is the process