the goal:

Increase conversions through PPC

how we got there.

Through extensive in-depth keyword research, we identified and narrowed down the terms that would bring us the most conversions, for the most competitive CPC.

Running retargeting ads allowed us to reach those customers that had previously interacted with the brand through our social media campaigns, and directed them back to the website to make a purchase. Visitors served retargeting campaigns are 70% more likely to return and make a purchase, than those who receive no further marketing communications.

the proof is in the pudding.


Return for every £1 spent through Google Ads.


Average order value of customer purchasing through the website.


Average cost per sales through Google AdWords

great testimonials:

“They didn’t just do their job; they continually gave us ways of improving our business.

We measure success by number of conversions compared to cost per conversion. In one month, we managed to reduce the cost per conversion significantly, by about 50%. We’re particularly pleased with that. We’ve identified new keywords and improved our quality score by improving our ad relevance.

Within a month, Charlie had proven that partnering with him was by far the correct decision. The added pieces of knowledge and holistic thinking he provided, along with his caring about our performance and how we were doing, are what made him really valuable.

Ayo, Marketing Manager

What’s next?

Now, we’re continuing to work with Halo to improve their long term marketing strategy through organic search, affiliate marketing, and influencer relations.

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“Outstanding results. After multiple attempts to get these Google Ads campaigns working, we were ready to give up. It wasn’t until a contact of ours who made Forbes ‘30 under 30’ recommended Charlie and his team, as the ones to get the job done right.”


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We helped build a number of resources that would provide our target audience with real value. In return for this resource, they would have to leave us a number of key details including their contact details, which the sales team could then qualify and follow up on after the data was left.


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