Our client is a personal loans broker who helps connect people looking for a loan, with providers across the market. They operate within an extremely competitive UK Market.

The goal:

Our client approached us with the aim of making their pay-per-click campaigns a success, in the highly competitive personal loans & finance markets.

After 3 unsuccessful previous attempts in the house to make the campaigns work, they approached us to work with them, where we were able to achieve incredible results.

How we got there.

Our team ran an extensive and in-depth analysis of the previous campaign and found a number of issues where it was underperforming.

Using our findings and after additional research, we then built a campaign targeting people searching for loans and financing within the UK.

Once campaigns were launched, we ran daily optimisations to ensure campaigns were performing well. With the personal loans space being so competitive with extremely high search volumes we had to make sure we were staying one step ahead of our competitors at all times.



The average number of monthly loan applications created over 6 month period


Cost per loan application, a 170% decrease from the original cost per application of £14.10


Conversion rate after 4 weeks of the day-to-day campaign and website optimization.

What our client said:

“Outstanding results. After multiple attempts to get these Google Ads campaigns working, we were ready to give up. It wasn’t until a contact of ours who made Forbes ‘30 under 30’ recommended Charlie and his team, as the ones to get the job done right.
As our contact had already produced us outstanding results through Facebook, we were ready to give it one last try. The team worked tirelessly to reduce our CPA down to levels unheard of within the industry, and we are excited to see how our campaigns develop moving forwards!”

Do you want more traffic, leads and sales?

For a limited time only we are offering a review of your Google Ads Campaigns. Fill in the form to find out:

  1. Missed sales opportunities
  2. Where you are wasting money on Google Ads
  3. What your competitors are spending money on

A few small changes here and within a few weeks you should be seeing more qualified leads coming to your website from Google.

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